Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Return from a break

Apologies to the 100 people or so who have looked at this site for the gaps in posting. First off it was exams, then a break which meant that I wasn't so busy and was living up to the aphorism of "if you want something doing give it to a busy person". Not that I haven't been busy being Daddy Daycare, but it isn't the same.

Results came out a bit ago and so time to reflect... all for the benefit of my portfolio because I will have forgotten this by next year.

My prep for these exams was much patchier than for those I took in the UK. I managed three or four days proper study between child and partner care (I have to cook a lot, which is tricky due to my immediate family being vegetarians) which wasn't sufficient. I managed to get the flashcards going and a mini whiteboard was handy so I'll keep that approach to the rest of the exams. I think I'll have to annotate as the term progresses from now on: making notes took up too much time and left precious little for proper revision.

The outcome was pretty good. Although the exam was much vaguer than the UK one, which was a bit of a trivial pursuit exam at times (esp. the spotter), I manged to up my % a bit. Some of the questions were tricky indeed: the only way I knew one of the answers was because I'd done it before. It hadn't been taught to us here. That was probably the only prior knowledge that came in handy!

Kids on this course being, I think, brighter (or at least better at exams) than at my old med school, I dropped a couple of centiles from my ranking but still did well enough should grades determine internships (more of that later...) I'd like a Top 10 finish: perhaps with the experience of this format I'll manage to hop up a couple of spots when this differential between 1st and 2nd years become leveled out (we take the same exams). I'd be interested to see how I performed cf my own year rather than year 1 and 2.

Hmm... I'll probably fail the next exam after writing all that. Serve me right.

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