Sunday, June 21, 2009

Student quality

I know I have moaned about the attentive qualities of my fellow undergrads, but on the whole they're a high quality bunch. Particularly my small study / clinical group of six or so.

I spent my year in the UK med school astounded at the poor quality or complete lack of motivation demonstrated by a small minority of my peers. Some of them I could never in a million years imagine in practice. In my year, we had some of the most arrogant people I have ever come across. And bear in mind that I used to work in the City. We had completely incapable idiots who couldn't grasp straightforward concepts. We had Tim NBDs like the chap above who had no idea what they we doing at med school let alone how they found themselves in the north of England parking their mother's 3 series on the street. The worst were those with no apparent interest in care, no empathy and a complete lack of insight into their own character.

Here, on the other hand, despite being much younger than their UK counterparts (some being 17...), there isn't a single student that I have come across so far who I couldn't imagine making a good doctor. Or at least wanting to be a good doctor. It's fun watching them develop... case in point a very introverted young man having to raise his voice to make himself hear by a elderly WWII veteran. He got there in the end...

Lots of fun to come.

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