Thursday, July 23, 2009

Medical literature 2

Here's another dated memoir, IMO, although I enjoyed this. Well written, interesting, but a lens to view the world of medicine 20 years ago. I used to work in the hospital where Dr Sparrow trained, and I saw the tail end of what you might call "diversified" medical training (ie lots of drunk rugger buggers).

To be honest, with less of a focus on prior exam performance and the like and more of a broader view of what makes a good doctor, it may be that the older intake of students made for better (that is, more rounded) medics than the current crop.

That being said, I'm surprised that the public still enjoy reading about the young masters' antics at medical school, getting drunk, stealing the toilets / mascots of rival medical schools, being "helped" through exams, chatting up the laydeez and generally behaving like a rampaging Dirk Bogarde. But, buy these books they do so perhaps the medical profession should revert to being a paternalistic profession and make the general public feel like they are being wrapped up in a warm, cosy blanket whenever they are admitted to hospital. Doctor know best.

There's good review of the book here.

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