Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deja Ecoute

A Facebook friend was tagged in a photo last week, looking all proud in his A&E gear having spent his NYE rotation there. Thing is, he started med school 18 months after my first go in the UK and he now seems to be racing ahead which triggered a bit of (yay) reflection.

Some of the delay in my training is clearly my fault for messing around changing countries after my first year, deferring my Australian start date due to commitments made prior to receiving the offer etc. However, some of it is due to the structure of this course, which is beginning to get me down a tad.

On this course, the first two years are combined which means that, save for some exams and, of course, the actual content, the second year is largely a carbon copy of the first. Although it's nice to be in a routine, it's taking all of my gumption to maintain a high level of enthusiasm for undertaking ten or so more reflective paragraphs, five more examinations with the same format, working in groups doing largely interchangeable tasks with the same people, etc.

I'm not looking for endless variety, but this next year is going to lack the novelty of the last which probably was last year's saving grace given the other hassles associated. On the other hand, there is a degree of comfort to be gained from not having to go through all the same crap with a new bunch of people, explaining why I'm so old etc.

So perhaps, on balance, yr 2 will be less uncomfortable than yr 1.

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