Saturday, January 23, 2010

Changing views

Worryingly, and from what I can see, typically for a med student, I'm having people asking my opinion on medical matters a task for which I am singly not qualified and tell them so, pointing them in the direction of Wikipedia (joke). Here are some of the complaints I've had to avoid professing an opinion on so far other than go to the doc's ASAP (there are more but I forget):

- Any number of rashes. Nowhere embarrassing yet, though.
- Whether a US based relative should ditch his expensive heart pills and buy some generics. Different formulations, not quite the bioequivalent formulation. Crikey - it's your heart for God's sake, why are you cutting costs there! Buy one fewer watches or go skiing less or something.
- Chest pains (chest pains!).
- Rectal bleeding (proper blood in the water, not the tissue) lasting for a couple of years (years!). I did have a clear recommendation this time: get to the bloody doctor; why are you sat here in a pub quiz night when you could be having this problem looked at?!
- Something that looked like a BCC.

Some if not all of these could well be serious - go to the GP if you have these problems rather than relying on some part qualified idiot like me. Goes to show, perhaps, the importance of trust between the advisor and advisee in a clinical relationship I suppose.

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