Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random tasks slow posting rate shock

Been a busy couple of weeks so little time to keep this diary going. There's a much greater emphasis on this course on written reports than there was on my last and these are taking up too much of my time at the moment. This could be due to a number of factors:

  1. I still think I'm writing a document that has to be legally correct and suitable for circulating to a paying client / customer;
  2. I am over engineering everything because I don't know the level that's required;
  3. I'm working inefficiently;
  4. I'm incompetent;
  5. I'm busy with a whole load of grown up crap in addition to uni that my fellow students don't have to take care of; or
  6. mix of 1-5.
Whatever the cause, I'm going to have a group assignment every term until clinic takes over so I have to get used to it. It's a challenge working with some of my new colleagues sometimes. On other occasions, the quality of their writing knocks my socks off: beautiful written English at age 18.

Just on that, the quality of the character and intellect of my fellow students is most impressive (attentiveness / inappropriateness of comments in lectures notwithstanding). They're coping well with having a weird old knowitall in the class: I would have been very standoffish at their age. And I would have struggled with the volume and the diversity of the workload, I'm sure.

Right: time to finish my individual assignment. Living the dream!

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