Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First posting: setting out my stall

There are many reasons for keeping this blog, one of which is that I have been recommended by the medical school that I keep a diary to assist on reflective practice. A public forum may not be the best place for this, but there are a few elements of what I am experiencing that will probably benefit from broader input and are appropriate for here. Up to a point.

Another reason is to discuss some other things I find of interest. Pretentiously solipsistic? Moi?

You would have to hesitate to call this a creative outlet but perhaps it could be. I've been following several medical blogs over the years, some written by medical students, others by experienced practitioners, and I have always enjoyed the non-medical aspects of their writings.

Finally, depending on whether I actually get any constructive comments whatsoever, it would be educational to discuss the more content-driven aspects of the course. Given the amount of PBL and peer-driven medical courses out there, this approach can't be much worse than sitting in a room with an F1 doc who is making a guess at whether asthma is an obstructive disorder or what.

Finally, FWIW I have an iterative writing process which will lead to inevitable typos and missing words despite best proofreading efforts.

Let the tumbleweed roll!

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